Cornell University Law Library

Trial Pamphlets Collection

Contemporary accounts of trials from the 1600s to 1800s

Project staff

Principal Investigator

  • Barbara Berger Eden, Director of Preservation

Cornell University Law Library

  • Thomas Mills, Associate Director for Collections and Administration & Rare Books Curator.
  • Janet Gillespie, Access Services Manager

Scanning and Metadata Creation

  • Danielle Mericle, Production Coordinator, Digital Media Group
  • Shakhya Bodhiwamsa, Scanning Technician
  • Bronwyn Mohlke, Structural Metadata/QC Specialist
  • Amanda Scull, Metadata Specialist


  • Michele Brown, Book Conservator
  • Roger Clearwater, Conservation Technician
  • Pat Fox, Assistant Book Conservator
  • Mary Schoenfelder, Conservation Technician
  • Stephen Acerra, Student Assistant
  • Alexandra Bartol, Student Assistant

Conservation Liaison

  • Joan Brink

Web Site Designer

  • Melissa Wallace, Web Designer

DLXS Implementation

  • George Kozak, Digital Library Specialist