Cornell University Law Library

Trial Pamphlets Collection

Contemporary accounts of trials from the 1600s to 1800s

Grant project description

In 2011 the Save America’s Treasures grant program provided funding of $155,700 to enable Cornell University Library to restore and digitize this collection of mass-produced pamphlets. The Cornell University Law Library purchased the Trials Pamphlet Collection in 1927, when the pamphlets were bound together and created a volume that was difficult to use. This was common knowledge about proper preservation techniques. Many of the bound volumes have deteriorated and the original pamphlets’ brittle pages are damaged, making them impossible for researchers to use. As a result of conservation treatment, the volumes will be individually bound, cleaned and made chemically stable.

Example of a pamphlet before restoration

Pamphlet before restoration

Each pamphlet will also be completely digitized and indexed online, allowing access to them both in person and online. All conservation and digitization work will be done in-house at Cornell.

This is Cornell’s third Save America’s Treasures award. These grants have been administered by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Park Service through the federal Save America’s Treasures grant program, which supported the preservation of significant cultural heritage collections, sites and historic structures in the United States.


The digital content of the collection is currently being made available using the University of Michigan Digital Library eXtension Service (DLXS). DLXS is an Open-Source solution that provides the foundation and the framework for educational and non-profit institutions to fully develop their digital library collections. DLXS has a comprehensive suite of tools, including a powerful SGML/XML-aware search engine and an array of class-based middleware:

  • Encoded text collections ("Text Class")
  • Digital image collections ("Image Class")
  • Bibliographic data ("Bib Class")
  • EAD2002-encoded finding aids ("Findaid Class")