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Cairns, James, defendant.
Calhoun, J. S. (John S.)
Campbell, Henry Alexander, d. 1808.
Carfrae, John.
Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain
Carpenter, Thomas F.
Carter, Horace, 1799-1825.
Carter, John.
Casey, John S. (John Sarsfield), 1846-1896.
Champlain, Marshall B.
Chase, David Tappan, b. 1802.
Checkley, John, 1680-1754.
Child, David Lee, 1794-1874.
Child, Linus.
Cibber, Theophilus, 1703-1758, plaintiff.
A Clergyman of Brunswick, ME.
Cobbett, William, 1763-1835.
Coburn, Edward Otis, b. 1830, defendant.
Cochrane, John.
Cochrane, Thomas, Lord, K.B.
Colcord, Munroe, defendant.
Cole, Mary
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681, defendant.
Colt, John Caldwell, 1810-1842, defendant.
Colt, Le Baron B.
Conkling, Alfred, 1789-1874.
Cooke, Thomas, fl. 1798.
Cooley, John G.
Corder, William, 1803-1828.
Coward, Mary
Cram, Henry A.
Crandall, Reuben, 1805?-1838, defendant.
Crosby, Dixi, 1800-1873, defendant.
Crozier, George E., defendant.
Cruchley, William.
Curtis, George Ticknor, 1812-1894.
Cushing, Thomas H. (Thomas Humphrey), 1755-1822.
Cutler, Peter Y.
Curtis, Geo. M. (George Milton), 1843-1915.
Curtis, George Ticknor, 1812-1894.
Cuyler, Theodore, 1819-1876.