Southeast Asia Visions Help


Getting Started

Southeast Asia Visions allows you to submit simple and advanced queries. To conduct a search, follow these steps:

  • Select a search type. (The default search type is Basic. This is the simplest search form, but more advanced searches (Boolean, Proximity, Bibliographic) are available.)
  • Enter your search terms. (Depending on your search type, you can combine up to three words or phrases to match in a specified area of the text.)

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Tips for Beginners
  • In a search form with more than one box you have to fill out the first box. Otherwise your search will not return any results.
  • Many of the search forms have an option that is available on pull-down menus. Put your mouse on the box and hold down the mouse button to see and make your choices.
  • Truncation is not automatic. To search variations and the plural of a word, include an asterisk * at the end of the word. For example, work*, will look for works, worker, working, and so forth. The simple term work will look only for the word work.

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Choosing a Search Type

One way to control your search is to select from among a number of search types.

Basic search is the simplest search; it allows you to look for a single word or phrase in a designated area of the text (full text, author, title, or date).

Image searching lets you look for images using specific search terms (e.g. "image format", "image geographic", etc. See the Images section for more information on browsing images.

Boolean search lets your look for combinations of up to three terms or phrases using Boolean connector terms (i.e. AND, OR, NOT). It also allows you to look for them in the same page or work.

Proximity search lets you look for terms based on whether they occur (or do not occur) within a specified distance of each other.

Bibliographic search lets you look for words that occur in author or title fields, and not the full text of the book.

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Searching vs. Browsing


  • locates works that contain information specified in the search, such as certain words in the title or text or an author's name
  • returns a list of the titles that contain that information


  • presents a hyper-linked bibliography of all works in Southeast Asia Visions organized by Author, Title, Date, or Image.

See the Searching and Browsing sections for more information.

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With Southeast Asia Visions, you can search or browse for images. To search for images, go to the Basic Search screen and enter the key phrases (Format, Caption, Date information, Ethnic information, Geographic Information, and Keyword) in the Find field. For details see Image Searching.

Browsing Images

Click on Browse on the navigation bar or Browse the Collection on the homepage. Then select the information you would like to use to browse for images. Choose from Captions, Date, Ethnic Information, Format, Geographic Information, or Keyword.

  • Image Date: Choose from four time periods to Browse: 1600-1699, 1700-1799, 1800-1899, 1900-1999
  • Image Ethnic Information: Organized in alphabetical order by the first keyword of ethnic information used to identify the image. Select the letter to browse from A-Z.
  • Image Format: Select from the following image formats - Diagrams, Drawings, Engravings, Etchings, Lithographs, Maps, Photographs, Woodcuts, Miscellaneous.
  • Image Geographic Information: Organized by the first keyword of country information used to identify the image. Select the letter to browse from A-Z.
  • Image Keyword: Organized in alphabetical order by the first keyword used to identify the image. Select the letter to browse from A-Z. Examples: A for architecture, B for Batavia. To see a list of keywords used, click on Keyword List (Word .doc format).

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