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Guidelines for Using Text and Images from
Cornell Digital Library Collections

As part of its educational mission, the Cornell University Library makes available via the World Wide Web digital versions of certain items from its collections. This material is to be used for personal or research use only. Any other use, including but not limited to commercial or scholarly reproductions, redistribution, publication, or transmission, whether by electronic means or otherwise, without prior written permission of the Library is prohibited. The Library will grant or withhold permission on a case by case basis, and a usage fee may be required depending on the type of proposed use. Permission requests may be sent to the appropriate contact address for each digital collection.

Copyright and other rights in the images, underlying encoded text, selection, indexing, and display of materials in Cornell Digital Library Collections are held by the Cornell University Library to the extent permitted by law. Users should be aware that materials made available in Cornell Digital Library Collections may be subject to additional restrictions. These include but are not limited to the rights of copyright, privacy, and publicity. Such restrictions are likely to be controlled by parties other than the Cornell University Library. Users are solely responsible for determining the existence of such rights, obtaining any permissions, and paying any associated fees required for the proposed use.

The Cornell University Library has made a reasonable effort to secure any permissions needed in order to make available for personal or research use the materials found in Cornell Digital Library Collections. People who discover material that may represent a copyright infringement in one of Cornell Digital Library Collections may report the allegation of copyright infringement to the agent designated to receive such requests, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.