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Falk, Sampson

Fanshaw, D. (Publisher)

Fargo, Francis F

Favreau, J. Arthur.

Felton, Mrs.

Fernow, Berthold, 1837-1908

Fifth avenue bank of New York.

Fillmore, Millard, pres. U. S., 1800-1874

Finney, Charles Grandison, 1792-1875.

Fish, Stuyvesant, 1851-1923.

Fisher, Clarence L

Fiske, Willard 1831-1904

Folsom, George 1802-1869.

Fowler, Henry, 1824-1872.

Fowler, P. H. (Philemon Halsted), 1814-1879.

Frasse ( Peter A., ) and Company, Inc.

Fulton Savings Bank.