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Darling, Charles W. (Charles William), 1830-1905

Dart, Joseph, 1789?-1879.

Day, David F. (David Fisher)

De Peyster, J. Watts (John Watts), 1821-1907.

Dearborn, H. A. S. (Henry Alexander Scammell), 1783-1851.

Dearborn, R. F.

Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.

Democratic Party. New York (State)

Democratic Party. New York. New York (City) General Committee of Young Men.

Denonville, Jacques Rene' de Brisay, marquis de, d. 1710.

Dermer, Thomas.

Dickinson, Richard W. (Richard William), 1804-1874.

Disturnell, John, 1801-1877

Doane, William Croswell, Bp., 1832-1913

Dobbins, W. W. (Williams W.), 1800?-1877.

Donck, Adriaen van der, d. 1655

Dorsheimer, William, 1832-1888.

Du Bois, Cornelia Eltinge