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Volume 087
Subdivision Subdivision 62 / Nazi Criminal Organizations
Part 2
Section 62.04 (R & A 3113.7, pt. V)
Title R & A No. 3113.7 / Principal Nazi Organizations Involved in the Commission of War Crimes: The Nazi Party (Part V) / Office of Strategic Services / Research and Analysis Branch / Draft for Use of the War Crimes Staff / SECRET
Pages 64
Pages Supplemental Plus title page, a table of contents, and a p. 50a.
Date 1945-09-10
Language English, with parenthetical German and German terms and titles
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Robert Ley; Fritz Sauckel; Walter Darre; Herbert Backe; Hermann Goering; Joseph Goebbels; Otto Dietrich; Max Amann Heinrich Himmler
Other Dates 15 July 1933; 13 September 1933; 1 November 1933; 1 December 1933; 8 December 1933; 24 October 1934; 29 March 1935; 29 April 1935; 28 September 1935; 23 June 1936
Abstract This part of R & A 3113.7 provides brief histories and functional descriptions of Nazi-affiliated and -supervised organizations, like the German Labor Front, the National Socialist Teachers' League, the Reich Food Estate, et. al. According to the report, the Nazis' intention here was to "organize the essential sectors of Germany's professional and social life and to bring them under Party control" (p. 1). The report names the respective leaders of these organizations, describes their duties and activities, and indicates their respective probable complicity in War Crimes. The existence of these organizations indicates the logical development of totalitarian political control and its inevitable excesses. This document is a typewritten copy on very good paper. Pages 1-4, title page, and table of contents are standard copies; pages 5-32 are mimeograph copies; pages 33-61 are standard copies. The print quality ranges from adequate to very good. The title page has "General Donovan" handwritten in its upper right corner.
Keywords Organisationsbuch der NSDAP; German Labor Front; Indoctrination; Nazi ideology; Auslandsorganisation (AO); Werkscharen (plant troops); Territorial organization; Honor and Disciplinary Courts; "Strength through Joy"; Democratic labor unions; Political persecution; National Socialist Teachers' League; Reich Food Estate; Entailed Farm Legislation; Enslavement of foreign labor; Occupied territories: exploitation of agricultural resources; Reich Ministry for Popular Entertainment and Propaganda; Reich Chamber of Culture; Ministry for Food and Agriculture; Food rationing; Confiscation of private landed property; German settlement of conquered territories