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Volume 087
Subdivision Subdivision 62 / Nazi Criminal Organizations
Part 1
Section 62.04 (R & A 3113.7, pt. III)
Title R & A No. 3113.7 / Principal Nazi Organizations Involved in the Commission of War Crimes: The Nazi Party (Part III) / Office of Strategic Services / Research and Analysis Branch / Draft for the Use of the War Crimes Staff/ SECRET 2 copies
Pages 154
Pages Supplemental Title page [final page is missing from 2nd copy]
Date 1945-09-06
Language English, with many German titles and terms.
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Karl Hermann Frank; Hitler; Guderian; Warlimont; Rundstedt; Goering; Rudolf Hess; Helmut Friedrichs; Max Amann; Martin Bormann; Philipp Bouhler; Walter Buch; Walter Darré; Otto Dietrich; Franz von Epp; Karl Fiehler; Wilhelm Frick; Joseph Goebbels; Konstantin Hierl; Heinrich Himmler; Robert Ley; Alfred Rosenberg; Baldur von Schirach; Franz Xaver Schwarz; Adolf Huehnlein; Victor Lutze; Hans Frank; Ribbentrop; Keitel; Reinecke; Heydrich; Herbert Backe; Sauckel; Ernst Bohle; Dr. Emil Erich; Seyss-Inquart
Other Dates 1 December 1933; 17 February 1934; 13 July 1934; 27 July 1934; 1 August 1934; 20 December 1934; 16 January 1935; 16 March 1935; 29 March 1935; 14 November 1935; 26 January 1937; 29 June 1937; 4 February 1938; 20 February 1938; 30 January 1939; 28 April 1939; 15 August 1940; 29 May 1941; 16 January 1942; 1 March 1942; 26 April 1942; 18 October 1942; 10 October 1944; 29 May 1945
Abstract This part of R & A 3113.7 endeavors to define the criteria of responsibility adhering to the various agencies, organizations, offices, associations, and so forth, incorporated in the Nazi Party and instrumental in carrying out its overall program or conspiracy to seize and maintain totalitarian control within Germany and to perpetrate war, spoliation, terror, enslavement, and mass murder without. The report is highly detailed in identifying Nazi organizations and describing their respective spheres of duty, hierarchies, and personnel. Although it alludes to specific examples of war crimes and provides some documentation of these (in the form of quotations from English translations of captured German documents), it does not attempt to argue fully developed cases of individual responsibility. The report does, however, serve as a detailed overview of the architecture and activities of the Nazi regime, as well as a guide for investigators and prosecutors to the Nazi organizations and personnel most likely to have been involved in the commission of war crimes. This document is a mimeograph copy made on at lease two different typewriters. The print quality varies from good to fair. The paper is in very good condition.
Keywords Hierarchical system; Hoheitstraeger; Reichsleiter; Gauleiter; Kreisleiter; Ortsgruppenleiter; Zellenleiter; Blockleiter; Departmentalization; Fuehrerbefehl (Fuehrer's order); The Fuehrer; Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch; Organizationsbuch der NSDAP; The Chancery of the Fuehrer; Party Chancellery; Party Archives; Reich Directorate; Nazi Schools; Reich Treasurer of the NSDAP; Intellectual and Ideological Training and Education; Einsatzstab Rosenberg; Reich Leader for Propaganda; Reich Press Chief; Reich Press Leader; Reich Office for the Rural Population; Main Office for: Organization; Personnel; Training; Public Health; Technology; War Victims; Educators; Communal Policy; Civil Servants; "Folkdom"; Foreign Political Office of the NSDAP; Lebensraum; "White Alliance"; Office for Colonial Policies; Occupied territories; Gau Administration; Auslands-Organisation of the NSDAP; Fifth Column Activities; The Arbeitsbereiche of the NSDAP