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Volume 087
Subdivision Subdivision 62 / Nazi Criminal Organizations
Part 1
Section 62.04 (R & A 3113.7, pt. I-II)
Title R & A No. 3113.7 / Principal Nazi Organizations Involved in the Commission of War Crimes: The Nazi Party (Parts I and II) / Office of Strategic Services / Research and Analysis Branch / Draft for the Use of the War Crimes Staff / SECRET
Pages 50
Pages Supplemental Plus Volume title page, Volume Table of Contents, and document title page.
Date 1945-07-24
Language English, with parenthetical German and German terms
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Goebbels; Wilhelm Frick; Himmler; Walter Schultze; Dr. Steinadler; Bohle; Rudolf Hess; Dr. Emil Ehrich
Other Dates February 1920; 7 April 1933; 14 July 1933; 1 December 1933; 30 June 1934; 3 July 1934; 1 August 1934; 29 August 1935; 15 September 1935; 26 January 1937; 26 August 1937; 4 February 1938; 12 February 1938; 5 March 1938; 30 April 1938; 14 October 1943; 30 January 1944; 28 May 1944
Abstract This document is a preliminary draft of an R & A report concerning the formation, organization, principles, and aims of the Nazi Party, and how these elements coalesced in a program that included totalitarian control, aggressive war, and war crimes. The report is organized according to subject (see Keywords, below) and pursues its discussion through summary description and specific example. It quotes frequently and at some length from the speeches and writings of Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and other high-ranking Nazis by way of documenting its assertions, and identifies the Nazi organizations and agencies responsible for implementing each element of the conspiratorial design. This document is a typewritten mimeograph copy on very good paper. The print quality varies from very good to fair.
Keywords NSDAP; War crimes; SA; SD; SS; HJ; NSKK; Nazi ideology; Nazi conspiracy; Party Program; Greater Germany; Treaties of Versailles and St. Germain; Colonies; Citizenship; Racial Laws; Exclusion; Discrimination; Immigration; Jews; Expulsion; Destruction of political resistance; Extermination; Wars of aggression; Organisationsbuch der NSDAP; Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch; Fuhrerprinzip; Totalitarian control; Mein Kampf; Volkischer Beobachter; Roehm purge; Hierarchical organization; German Civil Service; Coordination of Party and State; Regional control; Hoheitstraeger ("Bearers of Sovereignty"); Hoheitsgebiet ("Regions of Sovereignty"); Gauleiter; Kreisleiter; Ortsgruppenleiter; Zellenleiter; Blockleiter; Indoctrination (Nazi education); Propaganda; Infiltration and Intervention (Pan-Nazism); German folk-community; Lebensraum; Aggression and Terror