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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 17/ Persecution of Jews
Part Not applicable
Section 17.06 (Wisliceny interrogation, 15 Nov. 1945)
Title Interrogation of Wisliceny, Dieter
Pages 8
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-15
Language English
Author S. W. Brookhart, Lt. Col.
Witness Dieter Wisliceny
Other Names Dr. Kastner; Eichmann; Kaltenbrunner; Himmler; Guenther; Mueller; Augustin Moraveck; Tuka; Mach; Dr. Tiso; Hitler; Heydrich; Ludin; Karl Hochberg; Brunner; Dr. Kastner; Suchaneck; Hoess; Rott; Schwald; Meyer; Krumey; Schoenseiffen; Count Bernadott; Burzio; Mrs. Fleischmann
Other Dates 28 January 1945; 3 February 1945; 2 April 1945; 3 May 1945
Abstract This interrogation summary is unusually detailed, providing both statistical and anecdotal evidence related to the Nazis' premeditated destruction of European Jewry, Perhaps the item of chief importance is the witness's statement that "about March or April 1942, Hitler issued an order that all Jews were to be exterminated" (p.3) and that Himmler issued a similar order "dated end of April or beginning of May," excepting the preservation of Jews fit to work; Himmler's order, the witness claims, bore his unmistakable signature and was printed on paper that "had a red border which meant it was an urgent document for speedy action" (p. 5). This order was never withdrawn (p. 5). The present document is a typewritten copy on paper in various states of deterioration. The typographical quality varies from excellent to illegible.
Keywords Crimes against humanity; Persecution of Jews; Concentration camps; Annihilation camps; Auschwitz; Maidanek; Lublin; Mauthausen; Dachau; Buchenwald; Extermination of Jews; Transports; Slave labor; RSHA; Jewish Question; Jewish Problem; Confiscated property; Gas chambers; Carbon monoxide; Slovakia