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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 17/ Persecution of Jews
Part Not applicable
Section 17.05 (German film)
Title Original German 8MM. Film of Atrocities Against Jews / Captured in SS Barracks by U.S. [illegible]
Pages 5
Pages Supplemental Unnumbered, including a title page and two 1-page affidavits.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author James B. Donovan, Commander, USNR
Witness Not applicable
Other Names John G. W. Finke; Roland H. McIntire
Other Dates 15 March 1945; 1 May 1945; 22 November 1945; 23 November 1945
Abstract This document contains two affidavits attesting to the authenticity of the 8mm film captured in SS barracks and to its untainted evidentiary value. The two pages titled "Description of Scenes in Captured 8MM. Film" consist of an enumerated list of items 1-78, each apparently characterizing a distinct scene of violence and/or degradation perpetrated by SS personnel or Wehrmacht soldiers. This document is a typewritten copy of adequate to good quality on very brown, brittle paper.
Keywords Crimes against humanity; Persecution of Jews; Photographic evidence; German films; SS film; Mob violence; Atrocities; Degradation