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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 17 / Persecution of Jews
Part Not applicable
Section 17.03 (OCC brief)
Title OCC Brief, Section 1 / The Nazi conspirators adopted and publicized a program of relentless persecution of Jews.
Pages 14
Pages Supplemental Paginated a-n with many pages unlettered.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Lt. S. L. Sharp; Major S. M. Peyser
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Rosenberg; Goebbels; Streicher; Frick; Dr. Walter Gross; Schwerin; von Krosigk; Guertner; Pfundtner; von Blomberg; Dr. Achim Gercke; Hess; Goering; Funk; Heydrich; Krohn; Rust; Kerrl; Ribbentrop; Bormann; Thierack; Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart
Other Dates 24 February 1920; 12 April 1922; 27 May 1924; 25 August 1924; 1 April 1933; 7 April 1933; 10 September 1935; 15 September 1935; 9 November 1938; 12 November 1938; 15 January 1939; 24 January 1939; 30 January 1939; 7 February 1939; 1 July 1943
Abstract This document is trial brief citing the laws, decrees, speeches, propaganda, pogroms, and other measures taken by the Nazis prior to the outbreak of the Second World War to foment anti-Semitism within Germany and to deprive German Jews of their civil and legal rights, economic resources, political equity and personal liberties. This document is a typewritten copy of excellent to adequate quality on slightly browning legal size paper in generally good condition.
Keywords Crimes against humanity; Persecution of Jews; NSDAP policy; Nazi racial policy; Nazi ideology; Propaganda; Anti-Semitism; 1933 Boycott; Jewish Problem; Nurnberg Laws; Nazi laws; Volksgemeinschaft; Racial community; Citizenship Laws; Civil rights; Economic persecution; Disenfranchisement; Final Solution; Voelkischer Beobachter