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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 17/ Persecution of Jews
Part Not applicable
Section 17.01 (map)
Title Von Der Einsatzgruppe A Durchgeführte Judenexekutionen
Pages 1
Pages Supplemental None
Date Not dated
Language German
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Gen. Donovan
Other Dates None
Abstract This document is sectional map illustrating the approximate locations at which Einsatzgruppe A carried out mass killings of Jews. This document is a printed map of professional-quality made on glossy photographic stock and mounted on stiff, heavyweight poster board. Apart from the yellowed transparent tape that affixes the section tab, this document is in "like-new" condition.
Keywords Execution of Jews; Crimes Against Humanity; Mass murder; Riga; Schaulen; Kauen; Minsk; Krasnogwardeisk; Dunaburg; Reval