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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.15 (report on POWs), German
Title Vorlage. / Betrifft: Behandlung von Kriegagefangenen.
Pages 6
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1942-03-27
Language German
Author Tiessler [?]
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Gutterer; von Gravenitz; Goebbels; Hitler; Sauckel; Passe; Waechter
Other Dates 1 February 1942
Abstract This document is the German-language original of the preceding English translation; document 16.15 (report on POWs), "Translation of report received from Philip Bastedo," etc. The present document is a typewritten carbon copy of poor to adequate quality on very brown, thin paper.
Keywords Prisoners of war; Russian POWs; Propaganda; Red Cross; DAF; Armament industry; Ministry of Economics; Ministry of Food Supply; War crimes; French POWs; Eastern front