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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.13 (Lahousen interrogation, 19 Sept. 1945) IDS
Title Interrogation of Lahousen, Erwin / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality / Interrogation Division Summary
Pages 3
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-09-19
Language English
Author Colonel John H. Amen
Witness Erwin Lahousen
Other Names Hitler; Himmler; Canaris; Keitel; Jodl; Birkel; Pickenbrock
Other Dates 22 September 1945
Abstract This document is a summary of an interrogation of the witness conducted on the noted date, in which Lahousen insisted that the Wehrmacht generals, particularly Keitel and Jodl, knew about the killings taking place in the concentration camps, and that he himself knew "Jews were killed by the thousands in concentration camps, and that nobody of the whole German population has the right to hide himself behind a pretended ignorance." Lahousen also described how the SD staged the Polish border incidents as a pretext for the invasion of Poland. This document is a typewritten copy of good to adequate quality on brown paper.
Keywords Aggressive war; Austria; Czechoslovakia; Poland; France; Denmark; Norway; Balkans; Greece; Russia; Concentration camps; Prisoners of war; Russian workers; Persecution of Jews; Polish border incidents; Cattovice incident; SS; SD; Mauthausen