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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.11 (Diels interrogation, 1 Nov. 1945)
Title Brief of Interrogation of Rudolf Diels / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel / APO 403, U.S. Army / Interrogation Division
Pages 1
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-01
Language English
Author J. J. Monigan, Major
Witness Rudolf Diels
Other Names Col. Brookhart; Dr. Karl Brandt; Prof. Gebhardt; Himmler; Dr. Grawitz
Other Dates 30 October 1945
Abstract This document is a summary of an interrogation of the witness conducted on 30 October 1945. The interrogation "was confined to [Diels's] knowledge of the general program of medical experiments which [sic] were undertaken in the concentration camps and the relationship of such people as Dr. Karl Brandt to this program," and to a general discussion of the euthanasia program. This document is a typewritten copy of excellent quality on very brown, brittle paper.
Keywords Concentration camps; Medical experiments; Natural medicine; Faith-healing; Sachsenhausen