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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.04 (Weiss interrogation, 6 Nov. 1945)
Title Translation of Interrogation by Captain 0. N. Nordon
Pages 6
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-06
Language English; the translator's name is not given.
Author Martin Gottfried Weiss
Witness Martin Gottfried Weiss
Other Names Niemoeller; Huber; Dr. Rascher; Dr. Wolter; Hitler; Himmler; Dr. Bunzengruber; Neef; Schnitzler; Goering; Pohl; von Eberstein; Schmidt; Gluecks; Maurer; Dr. Berngraf; Mueller; Heydrich; Kaltenbrunner; Hubert Karl; Dr. Kammler; Redwitz; Christian Weber; Schaeffer; Mampn; Sepp Dietrich; Hans Buchner; Sporenberg; Melzer; Ruppert; Heydrich; Frank
Other Dates 1 September 1942; 10 November 1942; 1 November 1943; 25 April 1944
Abstract This interrogation report is a first-person account (translated), provided by the witness, of various medical experiments perpetrated at Dachau under the supervision of Dr. Rascher, who worked at the behest of Himmler. Weiss also mentions other atrocities not committed at Dachau. This document is a typewritten carbon copy of adequate to excellent quality on thin, slightly browning paper.
Keywords Medical experiments; Chilling experiments; Freezing experiments; Cold water experiments; Low-pressure experiments; Hangings; Mass murder; Dachau