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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.02 (trial brief)
Title War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity / Part IV / Crimes Committed in Concentration Camps
Pages 49
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title page (lp.), unnumbered; Table of Contents (lp.), i; References to Indictment (lp.), 1; Legal References (4pp.), 2-5; Statement of Evidence (33pp.), 6-38; Argument and Conclusion (3pp.), 39-41; Appendix (6pp.), 42-47.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Edgar G. Boedeker, Captain; Nicholas R. Doman, 1st Lt
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hardy W. Hollers; William F. Walsh; Trofim Krotenko; Frantisek Schlichts; George Galenziak; Zenon Balcer; Josef Styblo; Drahomir Barta; Jan Jelinek; Benjamin Lebedev; Dr. Louis Girard; George Hebbelink; Leon Kraus; Josef Jodas; Jack Taylor; John Schartert; George Pieper; Serge Kaplan; Jean Biondi; Franz Mis; Leon Gostinski; Otakar Husak; Peter Kolbasov; Andreas Pfaffenberger; Jan Leitner; Charles Hullebrock; Buschler; Webers; Pierre Joseph Denis; Yankel Leff; Lucien Vanherle; Roger Pinchon; Isaak Egon Ochshorn; Ernst Martin; Dr. Franz Blaha; Moll; Hofschulte; Willie Zwiner; Karel Hrouda; James Gerard; Count Anthony Sigray; Peter Lazuka; Schober; Dr. Sigmund Rascher; Dr. Brandt; Sievers; Anton Pacholegg; Dr. Soswinski; Himmler; Pohl; Prof. Neumann; Herrmann Obenauer; Dr. Claus Karl Schilling; Dr. Karl Gebhardt; Dr. Fritz Fischer; Kurt Gerstein; Sylvia Marie Girare; Prof. C. Busek; Jean Julien Dieutegarde; Paul Bennart; Erwin Schuler; Solon Samonilidis; Leo Eitinger; Paul Holler; Waldemar Reiner; Ludwig Scheinbrum; Dr. Eissele; Gustav Wegerer; Dr. Kurt Sitte; Dr. Richter; Heinrich Neumann; Emile Worgul; Kasimier Czyszewski; Franz Ziereis
Other Dates 18 October 1907; 27 July 1929; 17 November 1939; 21 March 1942; 20 August 1942; 17 February 1943; 26 February 1943; 1 December 1944; 19 December 1944; 21 March 1945; 13 April 1945; 16 April 1945; 20 April 1945; 21 April 1945; 22 April 1945; 23 April 1945; 24 April 1945; 27 April 1945; 1 May 1945; 2 May 1945; 3 May 1945; 6 May 1945; 7 May 1945; 8 May 1945; 9 May 1945; 11 May 1945; 12 May 1945; 13 May 1945; 15 May 1945; 17 May 1945; 18 May 1945; 20 May 1945; 25 May 1945; 17 June 1945; 28 July 1945; 5 September 1945; 19 September 1945; 20 September 1945; 21 September 1945; 25 September 1945; 6 October 1945
Abstract This document is trial brief presenting the case against the Nazi conspirators for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity on the basis of the conditions that prevailed in the concentration camps and the intentional killings that occurred there. The brief describes many kinds of torture and execution, as well as human medical experiments, by quoting eyewitnesses and/or victims of these atrocities. This document is a typewritten copy ranging in quality from excellent to fair. The paper ranges in condition from extremely brown and brittle to slightly browning and stable.
Keywords War crimes; Crimes against humanity; Hague Convention; Geneva Convention; Concentrations camps; Buchenwald; Flossenburg; Mauthausen; Dachau; Sachsenhausen; Dora; Breendonk; Ellrich; Osterhagen; Boelke Kaserne; Nordhausen; Auschwitz; Bergen-Belsen; Ravensbruck; Lublin; Gusen; Neuengamma; Gross Rosen; Natzweiler; Transports; Cannibalism; Deportations; Mass murder; Torture; Food rations; Starvation; Slave labor; Extermination; Gas chambers; Poison gas; Hangings; Medical experiments; High-altitude experiments; Chilling experiments; Freezing experiments; Castrations; Cancer; Typhus; Malaria; Plastic surgery; Amputations; Injections; Poles; Russians; Czechs; Jews; Persecution of Jews; Prisoners of war; POWs; SS; Death books