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Volume 008
Subdivision Subdivision 14 / Conduct of Warfare Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 14.13 (synopsis, Eastern Europe)
Title Synopsis / Extractions from a report on the preparatory work in eastern European questions. / Translation of Document 1039-PS / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date Not dated
Language English; the translator's name is Willard Evans Skidmore, Lt. (jg) USNR, 391590
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Keitel; Jodl; Warlimont; Canaris; von Brauchitsch; Raeder; Funk; Dr. Schlotterer; General Thomas; Koerner; Backe; Riecke; Schubert; Hitler; Grosskopf; Dr. Braeutigam; Gutterer; Ohnesorge; Seldte; Frick; Stuckart; Dr. Conti; Dr. Todt; Amann; Rienhardt; Huehnlein; Marrenbach; Dr. Ley; Heydrich; Fritzsche; Ambassador Schmidt; Glasmeier; Dr. Grothe; Dr. Meyer; Dr. Leibbrandt; Malletke; Runte; Carl Cranz; Job Zimmerman
Other Dates 20 April 1941
Abstract This document is an English translation of excerpts from a German report addressing "preparatory work in eastern European questions." The report anticipates the organizational effort and practical necessities of occupying extensive areas in the East, particularly in Russia, and names many persons involved in preparing for this eventuality. This document is a typewritten copy of adequate to poor quality on very brown and brittle paper.
Keywords War operations; Military strategy; OKW; Economics; War economy; Four-Year Plan; Propaganda; Propaganda Ministry; Foreign office; Foreign affairs; Occupied territories; Building; Construction; Communications; Infrastructure; SA; Aufklaerung und Presse; Medical supplies; Veterinary supplies; Russian trade unions; German newspapers; Ukraine; Ethological map