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Volume 008
Subdivision Subdivision 14 / Conduct of Warfare Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 14.12 (Falkenstein letter)
Title Freiherr von Falkenstein / (Addressed to an unspecified General and marked 'Chefsache')/ Translation of Document No. 376-PS / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel / SECRET
Pages 2
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1940-10-29
Language English; the translator's name is not given.
Author Falkenstein
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Queisner; Warlimont; Ritter von Thomas; Hitler; Keitel; Badoglio; Langemeyer; Franco; Canaris; Schmidt; von Botticher
Other Dates 22 October 1940; 26 October 1940
Abstract This document is a translation of a German document that summarizes military issues of present concern (as of 29 October 1940). Notable is a reference to Hitler's anticipation of "prosecuting ... war against America at a latter date" (p. 1). The document is a typewritten copy of adequate quality on browning paper.
Keywords Gibraltar; Crete; Greece; Libya; Italy; Military strategy; Preparation for war; Case East; Fall Ost; Rumania; Russia; Spain; Portugal; France; Norway; American aircraft industry