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Volume 008
Subdivision Subdivision 14/ Conduct of Warfare Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 14.067 (Warlimont interview, 19 July 1945)
Title Interview with General der Artillerie, Walter Warlimont, Deputy Chief of Wehrmachtsfiihrungsstab/ SECRET
Pages 25
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-07-19
Language English; no translator's name is given.
Author Major Kenneth W. Hechler is the interviewer.
Witness Walter Warlimont
Other Names Hitler; von Rundstedt; Rommel; Jodl; General Dohlmann; Kesselring; Goering; von Schlieben; General Ramcke; von Aulock; von Kluge; Sperrt; General Kitzinger; General Eberbach; Sepp Dietrich; von Funck; Graziani; von Brauchitsch; von Fritsch; von Geyer; General Hausser; Buhle; General Kuntzen; Himmler; General von Choltitz; General von der Chevallerie; Fieldmarshal Model; General Blaskowitz; General Jakob
Other Dates 2 May 1944; 6 June 1944; 8 June 1944; 12 June 1944; 24 June 1944; 25 June 1944; 28 June 1944; 14 July 1944; 18 July 1944; 20 July 1944; 24 July 1944; 31 July 1944; 1 August 1944; 4 August 1944; 6 August 1944; 7 August 1944; 8 August 1944; 15 August 1944; 16 August 1944; 29 August 1944; 31 August 1944; 6 September 1944
Abstract This document is a transcript in question-and-answer format. Under "Circumstances," the interviewer has written the following: "Gen. Warlimont... appears unusually well-informed on the war in the West up to [his retirement on 6 September 1944]. He has been most cooperative in discussing these affairs and appears to be broad and intelligent. His observations of the background and considerations involved in military decisions seem to be particularly penetrating." Topics included in this interview are German anticipation of the Normandy landings and the landings themselves, with particular comments on the logistical problems the Germans faced in trying to repel the invasion; the Allied capture of Cherbourg and Germany's inability to defend its positions there; the replacement of General Rundstedt; the Normandy breakthough and the Mortain counterattack; and the fall of Paris and the German retreat. This document is a single-spaced, typewritten carbon copy in blue ink; its typographical quality varies from very good to excellent. The paper, although thin and lightweight, remains in very good condition despite some marginal browning.
Keywords Normandy landings; Brittany; Military strategy; German High Command; Fortifications; Resistance; Radio net; Reconnaissance; Logistics; Cherbourg; Cotentin peninsula; France; Paris; Military intelligence; West Wall; German retreat; War in Europe