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Volume 008
Subdivision Subdivision 14 / Conduct of Warfare Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 14.066 (Warlimont interview, 28 July '45)
Title Interview with General der Artillerie, Walter Warlimont, Deputy Chief of Wehrmachtsfuhrungsstab/ SECRET
Pages 3
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-07-28
Language English; no translator's name is given.
Author Major Kenneth W. Hechler is the interviewer.
Witness Walter Warlimont
Other Names Canaris; Rommel; Jodl
Other Dates November 1942
Abstract The handwritten subject headings, "I. / Norway" and "II. / North African Invasion" have been added to the top of page 1. Essentially the same headings have been handwritten into the text, which is an otherwise continuous question-and-answer transcript. Warlimont discusses German troop strength in Norway during the fall of 1940 and his prediction of Allied landings in North Africa some two weeks before it occurred. This document is a single-spaced, typewritten carbon copy of good to adequate quality on thin, browning, damaged paper.
Keywords Norway; North Africa; Russian campaign; Italy; French Morocco; Military strategy; German High Command