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Volume 008
Subdivision Subdivision 14 / Conduct of Warfare Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 14.065 (Warlimont summary)
Title Warlimont [handwritten] / Summary of the German campaigns and the most important other strategic and tactical measures from 1939 to Sept. 1944.
Pages 30
Pages Supplemental None
Date Not dated
Language English; no translator's name is given.
Author Walter Warlimont
Witness Walter Warlimont
Other Names Heusinger; von Greiffenberg; Blaskowitz; Hitler; Mussolini; Rommel; Rundstedt; Kaupisch; von Renthe-Finck; Quisling; Graziani; Freiherr von Funck; von Rintelen; Kesselring; Cavllero; Ambrosio; Petain; General Pariani; Keitel; General Marras; General Zeitzler; List; von Weichs; Mihalovitch; Tito; Loehr; Jodl; Molotov; Leeb; von Bock; von Brauchitsch; Hoeppner; Weichsler; von Manstein; Halder; Paulus; von Armin; von Richthofen; General Hube; Admiral Nomura; General Marras; General Banzai; Ambassador Oshima
Other Dates 24 August 1939; 25 August 1939; 1 September 1939; 5 November 1939; 12 November 1939; 19 July 1940; 8 November 1942; 21 July 1943
Abstract This document is a fairly detailed summary of the German Armed Forces' strategy and tactics from the beginning of the war to September 1944. The source is Walter Warlimont but the account in its entirety does not seem to have been written by him; the first eleven pages, written in the third-person, show very few emendations and have the clipped, sometimes colloquial tone of a native speaker. The prose sounds different from page twelve onwards, not least because these pages are written in the first-person; coincidentally, the number and kind of emendations (both hand- and typewritten) increase noticeably. Throughout, the text is sectioned like an outline and organized according to the theaters of war (see Keywords), which the authors discuss separately in terms of attack plans and strategy. The Russian campaign, especially, receives extended narrative treatment in Warlimont's first-person account, as do Allied landings in North Africa and German countermeasures to defend against similar landings in southern Italy. This document is a typewritten Photostat of excellent to fair quality on small (approximately 5x8-inch) heavyweight paper in excellent condition.
Keywords Military strategy; OKH tactics; Maginot Line; Poland; Norway; Denmark; Great Britain; Operation Seeloewe; Sea Lion; Africa; Balkans; Crete; Russia; Italy; Japan; France; Axis Powers; Attack on Russia