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Volume 007
Subdivision "Subdivision 13 / Preparation for Aggressive Warfare"
Part 2
Section 13.18 (Farben report)
Title Preliminary Report: Concealment of Ownership of Some I. G. Farben Selling Companies / U. S. Group C. C. / Finance Division
Pages 177
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Cover page (lp.), unnumbered; Title (lp.), 1; text of preliminary report (22pp.), 2-23; related German-language documents (153pp.), 24-176.
Date 1945-06-25
Language English and German
Author John J. Purcell and Alexander Sacks
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Heinrich Kohler; Richard Metz; Ludwig Brehm; John McQuade; Geheimrat H. Schmitz; Dietrich A. Schmitz; Dr. Auer; Hans Sturzenegger; Alfredo Moll; Hugh Williamson; Dr. Walter Duisberg; Otto Waibel; Overnoff; Langensiepen; Dr. Weiss; Walloth; Dr. Küpper
Other Dates 20 February 1940; 28 March 1940; 26 September 1940
Abstract This document is a photostatic copy of the titular preliminary report and a series of related documents in German. The English-language report provides accounts of I. G. Farben's complicity in the Nazi conspiracy insofar as the exigencies of war incited I. G. Farben to cooperate with the Ausland-Organization of the Nazi Party to the end of protecting its foreign assets. The report alludes to numerous foreign interests and I. G. Farben's technique of "Tarnung," or camouflaging, by which it obscured its ownership of companies based in foreign nations, and concentrates on the implementation of this policy in examples drawn from England and the United States. This document is difficult to read; the text is frequently illegible due to poor reproduction techniques. The paper is heavyweight and stable. The German-language documents are of various types and include tables, maps, lists, and outlines, as well as typical prose texts. All of the documents retain their original pagination (not indexed here) as well as the master pagination apparently supplied by the authors of the preliminary report.
Keywords I. G. Farben; "Tarnung"