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Volume 007
Subdivision "Subdivision 13 / Preparation for Aggressive Warfare"
Part 2
Section 13.12 (Thomas's Armaments Econ.)
Title Basic Facts for a History of German War and Armaments Economy / Translation of Extracts of Document 2353-PS / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel
Pages 17
Pages Supplemental Including title and one blank page; the translated text comprises I5 pages and is numbered 1-15.
Date 1945-11-15
Language English, with some parenthetical German
Author General Georg R. Thomas (see Abstract); the translator is Evelyn Glazer, P/O, W.R.N.S., 37371.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Keitel; Goering; Major Neef; Todt; Colonel Wendt; Hitler
Other Dates 21 May 1935; 19 August 1939; 25 August 1939; 27 August 1939; 6 November 1940; 3 December 1940
Abstract This document is composed of a series of extracts taken from "Basic Facts for a History of German War and Armaments Economy," by General Georg R. Thomas. The original German text of Thomas's report is also referred to as "Fundaments for a History of the German War and Armament Economy"; see sections 6.14 and 6.15, respectively, in Volume II of the Donovan Archive. The extracts translated here are more extended and detailed than those that appear in section 6.14; they provide information regarding the creation of the German War Economy Organization and its duties and activities in many of the distinct theaters of war (such as Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Africa, and Serbia). Certain extracts also offer interesting material on Germany's trade in war material with various nations, most notably Russia, with whom such trade continued virtually up to the moment of the German attack. Other topics with which the extracts deal at length are mobilization (particularly the difficulties associated with camouflaged mobilization), the war economic measures put into practice during the occupation of Norway and Denmark, and the economic analysis that the War Economy Organization made of Russia in preparation for the German invasion. This document is a typewritten copy on paper that shows some browning and is somewhat fragile.
Keywords War economy organization; WO; Reich Defense Law; War preparations; Action Otto; OKW; Military mobilization; Economic mobilization; Divided mobilization; Inspectorate of War Economy Prague; War with Poland; Camouflaged mobilization; Occupation of Denmark and Norway; Economic evacuation; War material; Russia; Hungary; Romania; Finland; Bulgaria; Turkey; Seelowe; Sea-lion; War Economy of the Soviet Union