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Volume 007
Subdivision "Subdivision 13/ Preparation for Aggressive Warfare"
Part 1
Section 13.09 (Blomberg)
Title Interrogation of Werner von Blomberg
Pages 2
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-17
Language English
Author Lt. Col. T. S. Hinkel, (interrogation officer)
Witness Werner von Blomberg
Other Names Haszbach; Roehm; Hitler; Schacht
Other Dates 30 January 1933
Abstract This interrogation report provides succinct information on a series of topics (see Keywords). The witness's statements chiefly address the posture of the German Army under the terms of the Versailles Treaty, the financing of the rearmament process, the regular Army's rejection of the SA as a reservoir of soldiers, and several measures enacted by way of military preparation that violated the Versailles Treaty. This document is a typewritten copy on slightly browning, somewhat fragile paper.
Keywords 100,000 man German army; SA; Rearmament program; MEFOS bills; Universal conscription; Reoccupation of the Rhineland; German General Staff