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Volume 007
Subdivision "Subdivision 13 / Preparation for Aggressive Warfare"
Part 1
Section 13.04 (Nazi organizations)
Title The Conspirators Placed Their Dominated Organizations on a Progressively Militarized Basis
Pages 12
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title (lp.), unnumbered; Topical Index (lp.), i; Numerical List of Documents (lp.), ii; text of brief (8pp.), 1-8; Chart (lp.), unnumbered.
Date 1945-11-10
Language English
Author Morton E. Rome, Lieutenant, USNR
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Fritz Sauckel; Fritz Todt; Goering
Other Dates 1 April 1930; 26 June 1935; 17 April 1937; 2 July 1940; 17 May 1943
Abstract This trial brief presents documentary evidence that the Nazi conspirators used ostensibly civilian organizations as military training grounds. The brief concentrates on the NSKK, NSFK, RAD, and OT, citing official Nazi memoranda and publications to make its case, and offers similar, albeit perfunctory, allegations concerning the SS, SA, and HJ. This document is a typewritten copy on generally stable paper.
Keywords Aggressive war; SS; SA; HJ (Hitler Jugend); NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps); NSFK (National Socialist Aviation Corps); RAD (Reich Labor Service; OT (TODT Organization); Military training