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Volume 006
Subdivision Subdivision 11 / Storm Troops, Gestapo, SS and SD
Part Not applicable
Section 11.09 (Naujocks interrogation, 2 Nov.'45)
Title Brief of Interrogation of Alfred Naujocks / Office of U.S.; Chief of Counsel / APO 403, U.S. Army / Interrogation Division
Pages 3
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-02
Language English
Author Lt. Colonel S. W. Brookhart
Witness Alfred Naujocks
Other Names Heydrich; Mueller; Dr. Strassburger
Other Dates 18 October 1945; 1 November 1945
Abstract This document consists of two interrogations reports of the witness Alfred Naujocks. The first report provides substantial information concerning the Sudetenland border incidents of 1938, the formation of the Free Corps, the activities of the SD along the Sudetenland border, and Naujocks's own involvement in delivering a carload of explosives to the SD in that area. The second report is very brief and touches on the Gleiwitz Radio Station incident and several of its concomitant loose ends. The document is a typewritten copy of good to adequate quality on browning, fragile paper.
Keywords SD; Sudetenland border incidents; Amt HI; Gleiwitz Radio Station incident