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Volume 006
Subdivision Subdivision 11/ Storm Troops, Gestapo, SS and SD
Part Not applicable
Section 11.07 (SS trial brief)
Title Brief on Die Schutzstaffeln der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (Commonly Known as the SS) Including Die Sicherheitsdienst (Commonly Known as the SD)
Pages 39
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title (lp.), unnumbered; Index (2pp.), numbered i-ii; Section of Indictment (lp.), 1; Statement of Evidence (30pp.), 2-31; Argument and Conclusion (2pp.) 32-33; Appendix A (3pp.) 34-36.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Warren F. Farr, Major, J. A.G.D.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Himmler; Best; Dr Sigmund Rascher; Goering; Ribbentrop; Hess; Kaltenbrunner; Rosenberg; Frank; Bormann; Frick; Sauckel; Neurath; Seyss-Inquart; Heydrich
Other Dates 6 January 1929; 31 December 1931; May 1933; July 20,1934; 17 August 1938; 28 October 1939; 15 May 1941; 31 July 1941; 11 November 1941; 15 August 1942; 6 January 1943; 22 February 1944
Abstract This brief addresses the criminal nature of the SS and its activities both before and during the war. Besides recapitulating the origins of the SS and its early function as a police organization, as well as the "Master Race" principles on which it evolved into "the most Nazi of all Nazi organizations" (p.32), the brief cites evidence of Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes committed by the SS in its administration of the concentration camps, wholesale exterminations of the Jews, and sanctioning of human experiments. The brief distinguishes among different sectors of SS, which executed specialized tasks designed to serve the ends of the Common Plan, or Conspiracy, as charged in Count One of the Indictment, including the preparation to wage aggressive war (which constitutes Crimes against the Peace). The Appendix provides an annotated list of the principal departments of the SS, with a brief description of their main duties. The document is a typewritten copy of good quality on paper that ranges from generally stable to very brown and brittle.
Keywords Common Plan; Conspiracy; SS (Schutzstaffel); "Blood and Elite"; Nazi ideology; Master Race; SD; NSDAP: SA (Storm Troops; Sturmabteilung); SS Totenkopf Veibaende; Death Head Units; Waffen SS; Armed SS; Allgemeine SS; SS Verfregungstruppe; Concentration camps; Gross Rosen; SS racial policies; Exterminations of Jews; Human experiments; Nationalsozialistches Jahrbuch