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Volume 006
Subdivision Subdivision 11 / Storm Troops, Gestapo, SS and SD
Part Not applicable
Section 11.04 (RSHA charts)
Title Organization of the RSHA
Pages 10
Pages Supplemental Plus title page
Date 1945-05-01
Language English and German
Author Prepared by X-2, German Section, OSS
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Ehrlinger; Spacil; Ohlendorf; Mueller; Panzinger; Schellenberg; Dittel; Sansoni
Other Dates None
Abstract This document is a provisional edition of a series of detailed organizational charts of the RSHA, the "overall intelligence and police security organization for Germany" (p. 1). The charts are not complete insofar as they lack names for all but the head positions, but they are informative as to the internal organization of the RSHA and the areas of responsibility apportioned to each sub-agency. This document is a typewritten lithographic copy made on high quality, heavyweight paper. The text itself is sometimes difficult to read because of an imperfect original, but the document itself is in excellent condition.
Keywords RSHA; SD; Gestapo: NSDAP