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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 006
Subdivision Subdivision 11/ Storm Troops, Gestapo, SS and SD
Part Not applicable
Section 11.01 (SA chart)
Title SA (Sturmabteilungen) Storm Troops 1943-1945
Pages 1
Pages Supplemental None
Date Not dated
Language English and German
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Jurgenson; Schepmann; Heitmueller
Other Dates None
Abstract This document is a printed chart illustrating the hierarchical organization of the SA. Although it has the appearance of a finished or official document, this chart seems, in its substance, to be either preliminary or generic, for it does not provide names for many of the offices it identifies. The paper is heavyweight, high-quality board paper; unfortunately, it has been folded twice, and as a result badly creased, to fit into the document book.
Keywords SA; Sturmabteilungen; Storm Troops; Trial evidence