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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.14 (Schlabrendorff memo)
Title Conversation with Scheidt
Pages 5
Pages Supplemental English translation, 2pp.; German original, 3pp.
Date 1945-11-10
Language English; the translator is Cpl. Schneider.
Author Dr. von Schlabrendorff
Witness Wilhelm Scheidt
Other Names Donovan; Scheidker; Lahousen; Hoettel; Diels; Hoffmann; Goering; Keitel; Jodl; Reinicke; Guderian; Brauchitsch; Haider; Manstein; Zeitzler; Greiffenberg; Heusinger; Warlimont; Beck; Hammerstein; Fritsch; Schleicher; Kriess; Stauffenberg; Tresckow; Hitler
Other Dates 1938; 20 July 1944
Abstract This document comprises both the English translation and the German original of a memo from Dr. von Schlabrendorff to General Donovan. The witness, identified as an historian, is reported to have complained at length about being held as a prisoner instead of being treated as a guest of the Americans. Scheidt claims to be capable of providing a written analysis of the German General Staff but declares himself unwilling to do so until he is released from prison, as no charges are pending against him. Schlabrendorff reports that Scheidt is able to discuss the members of the German General Staff in terms of each man's attitude toward Hitler, and provides examples of those who were wholly loyal, those who were implacably and actively opposed, and those who resisted without taking meaningful action. This breakdown is exactly the same as that offered by Schlabrendorff in his lengthy memorandum of 24 October 1945 (see document 10.09). Schlabrendorff's handwritten German text is included in this section and immediately follows the typewritten English translation. The paper of the handwritten text is more fragile than that of the translation, which is a single-spaced, typewritten original on adequate paper.
Keywords German General Staff; German resistance; Opposition to Hitler; Assassination attempt of 20 July 1944