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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.11
Title 01 Intermediate Interrogation Report No. 4 / OKW Amtsgruppe Ausland and Personalities Connected with Aussendienststelle Wien / Headquarters / United States Forces European Theater / Military Intelligence Service Center / APO 757 / CONFIDENTIAL
Pages 11
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-09-15
Language English
Author Arthur D.McKibbin
Witness Conrad Steinhauser
Other Names Hitler; Bormann; Anonius; Bode; Brinkmann; Buerkner; Hess; Kiep; Meyer; von Moltke; von Necker; Oxe; Reichel; Rudolf; von Schierbrandt; Sippel; von Sybel; von Waldhausen; Altenburg; Beckerle; Eichinger; Gamillschegg; Heitinger; Knothe; Krause-Wigmann; Makeben; Mendel
Other Dates 8 March 1890; 7 March 1910; 2 February 1914; 11 November 1919; 1 April 1944; 20 July 1944; 1 May 1945; 5 June 1945; 6 June 1945; 13 August 1945
Abstract This report contains basic information about the titular agency, which functioned as a type of internal military intelligence office, and brief profiles of the men who served in it. Different groups within the Amtsgruppe Ausland received mission reports from the Foreign Office and coordinated their dissemination to German military attaches; tracked the overall military situation on a map on the basis of situation reports; handled matters related to nations' rights; and extracted articles from the foreign press that would be of interest to the military authorities. With one exception, the witness identifies the men who worked in this office by surname only, their first names apparently being unknown to him. It is, moreover, a curious fact that almost all of the profiled personalities are reputed anti-Nazis and non-Party members. Several were involved in the assassination attempt of 20 July and were hanged for their involvement. Annex No. 1, "Aussendienststelle Wien" (pp.7-10), follows in section 10.11 and provides similar personality profiles of the staff of the titular organization, which functioned as "an interception and clearing station for Bulgarian and Roumanian [sic] refugees" (p. 7). A handful of Bulgarians known to have passed through this office are also identified. Again, the information in both cases is basic: the slightest sketches of who these people were and what they did. The entire document is a typewritten copy on paper that is browning and fragile.
Keywords OKW; Amtsgruppe Ausland; Aussendienststelle Wien; Foreign Office