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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.10 (Zinnemann special interrogation report)
Title Special Interrogation Report (CSIR) No. 5 / History and Organization of the Feldwirtschaftsamt Im OKW / Headquarters / United States Forces European Theater / Military Intelligence Service Center / APO 757 / CONFIDENTIAL
Pages 16
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-09-19
Language English
Author Arthur D.McKibbin
Witness Dr. Curt Zinnemann
Other Names Georg Thomas; von Blomberg; Schacht; Dr. Goerdeler; Huenermann; Doehner; Todt; Speer; Hitler; Keitel; Becker; Stapf; Dr. Radtke; Dr. Rentsch
Other Dates 1 August 1935; 1 February 1936; 1 January 1938; 1 January 1940; 17 March 1940; 1 April 1942; 22 November 1943; 20 July 1944; 31 March 1945; 5 April 1945; 10 August 1945
Abstract The primary purpose of this report is to provide an on-going account of the War Economy Office (in terms of its leadership, personnel, internal structure, and activities) over the course of successive reorganizations that occurred during the war. The report is a helpful overview that includes a reasonable number of specific facts by way of explanation, but it is not a detailed analysis. The two addendums that follow the report proper are, in their limited scope, somewhat finer-grained. Annex "A," "Organization and Functions of the Amtsgruppe Ausland in the Wehrwirtschafts- und Ruestungsamt" (pp. 10-14), provides the organizational and functional details of the titular agency, which concerned itself with gathering information about and producing intelligence reports on the economies of foreign countries. Annex B, ""Personalities of the Abteilung Ausland of the Feldwirtschaftsamt" (p. 15), is a short list of experts within the Abteilung Ausland and their respective fields of expertise. The entire document is marked "CONFIDENTIAL" and is a single-spaced typewritten copy of adequate to good quality on stable paper.
Keywords War Economy Staff; War Economy Office; War Economy and Armaments Office; Field Economy Office; Armaments and Munitions; Foreign economies; Economies of war; Information procurement