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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.05 (Halder affidavit #7, German)
Title Erklärung / Affidavit No.7
Pages 1
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-13
Language German
Author Franz Halder
Witness Franz Halder
Other Names von Ziehlberg; Hitler; von Brauchitsch; Robert Benson
Other Dates August 1940; December 1940
Abstract This document is the German original of a statement duly sworn to and signed by Franz Halder in the presence of Robert Benson, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, 85862, "an officer duly qualified to take oaths." The substance of the statement concerns the Hitler's order for the construction of a bombproof command post in East Prussia, which Halder took to indicate an impending war against Russia despite the fact that the OKH had no thoughts along these lines and had not received any instructions to this effect from the OKW. The latter Command presented the OKH with orders for the Russia Campaign some four months later. This document is a typewritten copy on browning, fragile paper.
Keywords Russland; OKW; OKH; Fall Barbarossa; Attack on Russia