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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10/High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.04 (Glebb memo to Donovan)
Title Statement by the five German Generals
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-27
Language English
Author Dr. Jay V. Glebb
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Brauchitsch; Manstein; Haider; Warlimont; Westphal; Hitler; von Seeckt; Ludendorff; Hindenburg; Schleicher; Fritsch; Keitel; Rundstedt; Himmler; Kaltenbrunner; Rohm; von Bock
Other Dates 1920-1945; 1925; 1933; 1944
Abstract This memo is a review by Dr. Jay V. Glebb of the so-called "Generals' Statement" sectioned as 10.04 of the Donovan Papers. Dr. Glebb summarizes the contents of the aforementioned Statement before dismissing it as another in a series of Apologias produced by German Generals to excuse themselves not for having followed Hitler's depraved agendas and having prosecuted Hitler's inhumane war, but for having lost the war and having incurred the destruction of Germany (eventualities for which the Generals blame Hitler). Glebb is incredulous of the Generals' avowed ignorance of the concentration camps and censorious of their implicit yet relatively passive anti-Semitism. He gainsays all of the claims presented in the Statement, including the German Army's alleged adherence to the terms set forth by the Versailles Treaty; the apolitical nature of the German Army both before and after Hitler's ascension to power; and the Army's disengagement from the planning and rearmament that prepared Germany once again to wage aggressive war. In short, Dr. Glebb regards the Statement as false, self-exculpatory, disingenuous, and incredible: a piece of obnoxious special pleading that should in no way mitigate the Generals' guilt or diminish the severity of their punishment. Glebb concludes with a quotation from Roman law: "Punitur non quia fecit, sed ne faciat." This document is a single-spaced typewritten original of excellent quality on fairly stable, legal-sized paper. It does not bear a signature.
Keywords Apologias; Versailles Treaty; German Generals; German General Staff; NSDAP; Anti-Semitism; Majdanek; Oswiecim; SA; Concentration camps; OKW; SD; Partisans; Hostages; Commandos; Wehrmacht; Black Reichswehr