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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 2
Section 10.04 (see preceding section 10.04)
Title Introduction [The German Army]
Pages 29
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: "Introduction," signed by Walther v. Brauchitsch (lp.), unnumbered; signatory page (lp.) 2; text of the statement proper (27pp.), 1-27.
Date 1945-11-19
Language English
Author Walther von Brauchitsch; Erich von Manstein; Franz Haider; Walter Warlimont; Siegfried Westphal
Witness Walther von Brauchitsch; Erich von Manstein; Franz Halder; Walter Warlimont; Siegfried Westphal
Other Names [see preceding section 10.04]
Other Dates [see preceding section 10.04]
Abstract [See preceding section 10.04]: This document is a typewritten carbon copy on relatively stable paper of section 10.04, the original typewritten text of the statement of the five German Generals. This copy comprises only the first 27 pages of the original.
Keywords [see preceding section 10.04]