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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 1
Section 10.02 (C-120 E. + Fall Weiss)
Title C-120 E. / Translation of a document signed by Keitel. / 'Fall Weiss'
Pages 2
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1939-06-24
Language English
Author Wilhelm Keitel; the translator's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Fricke (marginal); Schniewind (marginal); Goering
Other Dates None
Abstract This memorandum reflects the detail work associated with the plans for the invasion of Poland. The present case concerns certain bridges over the lower Vistula, which Keitel wants the OKH to plan to capture undamaged. Another bridge, at Dirschau, is a subject of concern because the Navy's mining Danzig Bay might forfeit the element of surprise. The second part of the document, designated C-120 F, concerns "Special Orders for Tall Weiss' that address issues of logistics and infrastructure as well as the practice of requisitioning supplies from the civilian population and various means of feeding the troops. This document is a typewritten carbon copy of good quality on stable paper. It is marked "Top Secret" and includes typewritten marginalia that were evidently handwritten on the German original in blue and red pencils.
Keywords Fall Weiss; Invasion of Poland; Plan of attack; Military strategy; Aggressive war