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Volume 005
Subdivision Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff
Part 1
Section 10.02 (Brauchitsch statement)
Title Statement / Translation of Affidavit No.2 / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel.
Pages 3
Pages Supplemental Unnumbered
Date 1945-11-07
Language English
Author Walter von Brauchitsch; the translator is Walter H. Rapp, Captain, Cavalry, ASN 0-454231.
Witness Walther von Brauchitsch
Other Names Hitler; Keitel; Jodl; Warlimont;; Doenitz; Haider; von Greim; Beck; Zeitzler; Guderian; Krebs; Schniewindt; Fricke; Meisel; Jeschonnek; Körten; Kreipe; Keller
Other Dates 2 August 1934; 22 August 1939; 14 June 1941; 1945
Abstract This document is an English translation of a prepared statement written in German. This copy of the statement bears the notation "(Signed)" and the typewritten name "von Brauchitsch," at the bottom of the page. Page three indicates that Walter von Brauchitsch, Commander in Chief of the Army, in the presence of Paul A. Neuland, Major, QMC. ASN, 0-385720, "an officer duly qualified to take oaths," read the foregoing statement and swore that it and the attached chart were true; von Brauchitsch signed the statement and initialed the chart. The statement attests to the discrete responsibilities of each level and branch of the High Command of the German Armed Forces and refers to an accompanying chart that illustrates the hierarchal structure of the High Command, complete with the names of the men who, like von Brauchitsch, held the positions of highest authority (and greatest responsibility). This document is a typewritten copy on fragile, browning paper. The quality of the copy is inconsistent and many words are imperfectly legible.
Keywords High Command; von Brauchitsch; German Armed Forces; Responsibility