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Volume 005
Subdivision "Subdivision 10 / High Command and General Staff'
Part 1
Section 10.01
Title Charts of top organization of Armed Forces.
Pages 6
Pages Supplemental None
Date 5.11.45
Language German and English
Author No author's name is given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Keitel; Jodl; Warlimont; von Brauchitsch; Raeder; Doenitz; Goring; Goering;von Greim; von Blomberg; Canaris; Thomas; Reinecke; Foertsch; Scheller; Beck; Stulpnagel; Fromm; Bockelberg; Liese; Becker; Karmann; Osterkamp; Guse; Schniewindt; Patzig; von Waldegg; Witzell; Schultz; Peuter; Wewer; Stumpff; Kesselring; Wimmer; Christiansen; Vietinghoff; Lehman; Winter; Stapf; Viebahn; Tischbein; Halder; Zeitzier; Guderian; Krebs; Keitel; Schmundt; Burgdorff; Leeb; Ulbricht; Osterkamp; Himmler; Fricke; Meisel; Baltzer; Warzecha; Barkenkohler; Milch; Jeschonek; Körten Kreipe; Kotter; Udet; Kastner; Loerzer; Diesing; Wedel; Fellgiebel-Praun; Buerkner; Piekenbrock; Lahousen; Bentivegni; Becht; Rudelsdorf
Other Dates First chart: 1920-1933. Second chart: 1938-1945. Third chart: 1933 to 4 February 1938. Fourth chart: February 1938. Fifth chart: February 1938-December 1941. Sixth chart: September 1939-September 1944
Abstract The document comprises six separate charts that illustrate the hierarchal relationships within the Wehrmacht at various times during the Third Reich. The first chart shows the general organization prior to the Nazi takeover and the others indicate some of the shifting that occurred during Hitler's thirteen-year dictatorship. The second chart is a printed, laminated production; the others are hand-lettered and hand-drawn. The first, third, and fourth charts appear to be photostatic copies; the fifth and sixth charts are original documents. All of the charts are in good condition.
Keywords Wehrmacht; Reichswehr; OKW; Fuehrer; German Armed Forces