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Volume 005
Subdivision "Subdivision 9 / Reich Cabinet"
Part 1
Section 9.02
Title Brief on Die Reichsregierung (Reich Cabinet)
Pages 48
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title page (lp., unnumbered); Index (lp., unnumbered); Section of Indictment (lp., unnumbered); Legal References (lp., unnumbered); the text of the brief, including an appendix, runs from page 1 to page 44; all of these pages are counted but not all bear a typed number.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Lt. W. S. Kaplan, USNR / Miss Katherine Fite
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Adolf Hitler; Herman Goering; Albert Speer; Herman Muhs; Walter Funk; Bernhard Rust; Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk; Walter R. 0. Darre; Herbert Backe; Joachim von Ribbentrop; Heinrich Himmler; Otto G. Thierack; Franz Seldte; Alfred Rosenberg; Wilhelm Ohnesorge; Paul Joseph Goebbels; Julius Dorpmuller; Martin Bormann; Karl Doenitz; Wilhelm Keitel; Hans Frank; Wilhelm Frick; Hans Heinrich Lammers; Constantin U. K. von Neurath; Arthur Seyss-Inquart; Karl Hermann Frank; Otto Meissner; Konstantin Hierl; Arthur Axmann; Ernst W. Bohle. Eduard H. J. von Popitz; Otto Dietrich; Franz von Papen; Fritz Todt; Hans Kerrl; Alfred Hugenberg; Kurt Schmitt; Hjalmar Schacht; Wuhelm Frick; Franz Gurtner; Franz Schlegelberger; Peter Paul von Eltz-Rubenach; Walter H. A. A. von Brauchitsch; Baldur von Schirach; Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg; Erich Raeder; Rudolf Hess; Walter Funk; Ernst Roehm
Other Dates 30 January 1933; 13 March 1933; 24 March 1933; 30 June 1933; 4 April 1933; 30 January 1934; 1 May 1934; 19 December 1934; 17 June 1936; 30 January 1937; 2 February 1937; 26 November 1937; 1 December 1937; 15 January 1938; 4 February 1938; 1 May 1939; 30 August 1939; 19 September 1939; 15 November 1939; 10 August 1940; 29 May 1941; 17 July 1941; 4 December 1941; 3 February 1942; 9 February 1942; 23 May 1942; 20 August 1942; 21 January 1943; 30 January 1943; 20 August 1943; 23 August 1943; 25 August 1943; 4 April 1944
Abstract This document is a brief setting out the membership of the Reich Cabinet, "the dominant body of influence and leadership - below Hitler - in the Nazi Government" (p. 42). By demonstrating the overlapping memberships of the Reich Cabinet, the Secret Cabinet Council, the Council of Ministers for the Defense of the Reich, and the Reich Defense Council, and citing the discriminatory, confiscatory, and otherwise unjust and inhumane nature of the laws it promulgated, the brief argues that the Reich Cabinet was a criminal group "within the meaning of Article 9 of Section II of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal" (p.44). The brief also contains a four-page appendix listing the laws enacted by the Reich Cabinet pertaining to the Nazi Party's acquisition and consolidation of power within Germany, and to its conspiracy to wage aggressive war. This document is a typewritten copy on paper of varying quality. Many pages are browning and quite brittle.
Keywords Reich Cabinet; Reichsregierung; Nazi Party; NSDAP; Reichstag; Secret Cabinet Council; Council of Ministers for the Defense of the Reich; Reich Defense Council