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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 004
Subdivision "Subdivision 8 /Hitler"
Part Not applicable
Section 8.22
Title Vorwort and Verhandlung vor dem Volksgerichtshof des Grossdeutschen Reiches
Pages 10 + 197
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1944-08-07
Language German
Author Peter Vossen ("Vorwort"); otherwise not applicable.
Witness Hellmuth Stieff; Albrecht von Hagen; Erwin von Witzleben; Erich Hoppner; Else Bergenthal; Peter Graf York von Wartenburg; Friedrich Karl Klausing; Robert Bernardis; Paul von Hase
Other Names Hitler; Stauffenberg; Goebbels; Dr. Roland Freisler; Dr. Gurtner; Dr. Thierack; Dr. L. Schwarz; Dr. Weissmann; Dr. Neubert; Dr. Gustav Schwarz; Dr. Falck; Boden; Bergmann; Dr. Kunz
Other Dates 20 July 1944; 7 and 8 August 1944
Abstract This section subsumes two documents: "Vorwort" by Peter Vossen; and "Verhandlung vor dem Volksgerichtshof des Grossdeutschen Reiches," the transcripts of the People's Court trials of the men accused of plotting the assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler. "Vorwort" is a ten-page typewritten document and appears to consist either of mimeograph master pages or to be a mimeograph copy on paper too insubstantial to stabilize the ink. Like pages 1-63 of the trial transcripts, the entirety of "Vorwort" is printed on paper that is very thin in ink that is very blue; the latter stains one's fingers at a touch. The text on these pages is smudged and blurry, as if the ink were diffusing across the surface of the paper. The balance of the transcripts (pages 64-197) is a conventional legal-sized carbon copy. All of the pages are typewritten.
Keywords Assassination attempt; People's Court Trials; 20 July 1944