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Volume 004
Subdivision "Subdivision 8 /Hitler"
Part Not applicable
Section 8.12
Title Mein Kamfp' [sic: Kampf] by Adolf Hitler / 41* Edition 1933 Verlag Franz Eher Nachfolger G.m.b.H. / Muenchen. Partial Translation of Document No. 2760-A-PS / Office of U. S. Chief [sic] of Counsel
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-17
Language English
Author Hitler; the translator is Willard E. Skidmore, Lt. (jg), USNR, 391590.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names None
Other Dates 1914
Abstract This document is a translation of selected passages from Mein Kampf that mainly address the issue of Germany's territorial policy and the need for living space. The document is a typewritten copy on fragile, browning paper.
Keywords Territorial policy; Fighting spirit; Mein Kampf