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Volume 004
Subdivision "Subdivision 8 /Hitler"
Part Not applicable
Section 8.09
Title Directive No. 18 / Translation of Document 444-PS / Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel.
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1940-11-12
Language English
Author The translator of this document is Fred Niebergall, 2nd Lt Inf., 0-1335567.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Jodl; Petain
Other Dates None
Abstract This document outlines Hitler's plans for prosecuting the war against England, as well as expanding the war on other fronts, i.e., the Balkans, Russia, Portugal, the Atlantic Islands. These orders are particular in terms of fields of battle and objectives but for detailed content wait upon the advice of the respective commanders-in-chief of the armed forces. This document is a typewritten copy on fragile, browning paper. It is identified as the "4th copy" of "10 copies" and is marked "TOP SECRET."
Keywords Relations with France; Spain; Portugal; Italian offensive against Egypt; Balkans; Russia; England; "Sea-lion"; "Felix"; Gibraltar; Atlantic Islands