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Volume 004
Subdivision "Subdivision 8/Hitler"
Part Not applicable
Section 8.02 (Anni Winter)
Title Interrogation by Capt. 0. N. Nordon
Pages 8
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-06
Language English (translation of the following document, also sectioned as 8.02)
Author Anni Winter
Witness Anni Winter
Other Names Hitler; Bormann; Hess; Buhler; Goering; Grad; Sepp Dietrich; Amann; Julius Schaupp; Hoffmann; Brauchitsch; Keitel; Warlimont; Haider; Jodl; Putkammer; Schmund; Burggraf; von Belo; Engel; Bornekamp; Rosenberg; Streicher; Eva Braun; Leni Riefenstahl; Olga Tschechowa; Schacht; von Papen; Ribbentrop; Frank; Funk; Fegelein; Neurath; Hindenburg; Hummel
Other Dates April 24, 1944; May 1, 1944; July 8, 1944; July 20, 1944
Abstract This document is the translation of an interrogation of a woman who knew Hitler personally and who was acquainted with other high-ranking Nazis. Mrs. Winter comments on Bormann's influence on Hitler, Hess's flight to England, her own relationship to Hitler (which she denies ever evolved into intimacy), Hitler's personal financial situation, as well as on Hitler's general opinion of many prominent Nazis, particularly Goering. This interrogation is noted to have taken place in Munich, at Wiedenmayerstrasse 43/3, in Geheimrat Zentz' [sic] apartment. The document is a typewritten carbon copy made on one side of each page. At least two different typewriters were used. The paper is thin but in good condition.
Keywords Responsibility; Hess's flight to England; Relation to Hitler; Nazi Party; Nazi High Command