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Volume 003
Subdivision "Subdivision 7 / Nazi Party"
Part 2
Section 7.19
Title Report of Interrogation No. 5742 of P/W 3WG-1293, Ambassador at Large
Pages 5
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-09-04
Language English
Author Halle, Captain (interrogation officer)
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Bohle; Ribbentrop; Poensgen; von Reisslitz; von Neurath; Himmler; Lorenz; Luther; Wagner; Frenzel
Other Dates 7 May 1945; 1933; 1939; 1937; 1938; 1942; 1943; 1940; 1941
Abstract This document recounts the general activities of the Auslandsorganisation of the NSDAP and of the Reichsfuehrung SS in foreign countries, both before and during the war. Much of the text relates the intricacies of various power struggles within and between these two agencies, with particular attention given to the keen, ongoing competition between Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and SS Chief Himmler to exert control over and act as master of the intelligence acquired through Nazi agents and embassy operatives. The reason for much of this in-fighting seems to have been each man's desire to consolidate his relationship with Hitler. This document is a typewritten original despite being marked COPY. It was made on at least two different typewriters, which might indicate why part of point 11 (the beginning of which is printed on the bottom of page 4) is missing; page 5, which comprises only points 12 and 13, might have originally belonged to another copy of the document and been requisitioned to "complete," however incompletely, the document now indexed as section 7.19 of The Donovan Papers. The document is stamped "SECRET."
Keywords Auslandsorganisation (Foreign Section); NSDAP; SD; Reichsfiiehrung SS; German embassies; Foreign Office; Foreign Minister