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Volume 003
Subdivision "Subdivision 7 / Nazi Party"
Part 1
Section 7.07(c)
Title II.C.2.c. The Nazi conspirators set up and operated a vast propaganda and censorship machine and supervised cultural activities
Pages 14
Pages Supplemental This document is paginated a-m with one interleafed page, h-L
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Lt. Paul Johnston, USNR
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Goebbels; Max Amann; Rosenberg; Hans Fritzsche; Otto Dietrich; Müller; Walter Funk; Leopold Gutterer
Other Dates 1932; 13 March 1933; 30 June 1933; September 1933; 4 October 1933; 1 November 1933; 1934; 1937
Abstract This brief summarizes, in considerable detail, the organization, methods, and purposes of the Nazi's Party propaganda department (RPL), including its coercive acquisition of independent publishing houses and its "censorship and supervision of all literature with cultural or political implications" (page g). The brief also summarizes the organization, activities and purposes of the Propaganda Ministry, headed by Goebbels, according to its primary directive of "enlightenment of, and propaganda among, the people on the subject of the policy of the Reich government and on the national reconstruction of the homeland" (page h-1). This document is a typewritten copy on generally brittle, browning paper.
Keywords Reichspropagandaleitung (RPL; Party); Nazi propaganda; Nazi ideology; Press; Exhibits and fairs; Mass or "Aktive" propaganda; Film; Radio; Culture; NSDAP; Reich Press Chief; Reich Press Leader; Party Training; Reich Ministry for Popular Entertainment and Propaganda (Propaganda Ministry); Reich Chamber of Culture; Reich Press Chamber; Reich Chamber of Fine Arts; Reich Music Chamber; Reich Theater Chamber; Reich Film Chamber; Reich Chamber of Literature; Reich Radio Chamber