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Volume 003
Subdivision "Subdivision 7 / Nazi Party"
Part 1
Section 7.07(b)
Title OCC Brief, Section 1. II C.2.b. The Nazi conspirators supplemented the school system by training the youth through the Hitler Jugend
Pages 12
Pages Supplemental This document is paginated h-s. A single page, "v," follows, but no pages "t" and "u" are present.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Captain J. H. Murry (first 12 pp.) and Lt. (jg) A. R. Martin (1 p.)
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Baidur von Schirach; Gregor Ziemer; Kaufmann; Himmler;
Other Dates 1922; November 22,1922; 1925; 6 May 1933; 21 June 1933; 22 June 1933; July 20, 1933; 20 July 1935; 22 October 1935; 1 December 1936; January 1937; 21 February 1938; May 1, 1938; 2 May 1938; 7 August 1938; February 1939; 25 March 1939; May 1939; 11 August 1939; 7 June 1941; December 1941; 15 September 1942
Abstract This brief summarizes the organization, methods, and purposes of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend). The final page, "v," which appears to be misplaced, presents a copy of a letter concerning religious education. The document is a typewritten copy on brittle, browning paper.
Keywords Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth): Mein Kampf: Greater Germanv: NSDAP: SA: SS; Nationalsocialistischen Jugendbund (Nazi Youth League); Jugendfuhrer des Deutschen Reichs (Youth Leader of the German Reich); Hitler Youth Law; Nazi ideology; Membership statistics; Master race; anti-Semitism; pre-military training; "Triumph of the Will"; "Soldier of Tomorrow"