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Volume 003
Subdivision "Subdivision 7 / Nazi Party"
Part 1
Section 7.06(b)
Title B. Control Acquired
Pages 8
Pages Supplemental This document is paginated j-q.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author H. V. Atherton, Lt .
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Hindenburg; Frick; Guertner; Goering; Gerhart H. Seger; Dr. Hugenberg; Hess
Other Dates 30 January 1933; 28 February 1933; 5 March 1933; 1 March 1933; 21 July 1945; 21 March 1933; 14 March 1933; April 1,1937; 30 January 1937; 30 January 1939; 10 May 1943; 29 June 1933; 27 February 1933; 9 March 1933; 26 May 1933; 22 June 1933; 7 July 1933; 23 March 1933; 24 March 1933; 14 July 1933; 6 July 1933; 1 December 1933; 28 April 1933; 19 May 1933; 20 December 1934
Abstract This section (b) of the Atherton brief is the second part of the greater document, "Acts Done in Carrying Out the Conspiracy," which comprises the previous document (section (a), "The Acquiring of Totalitarian Control of Germany: Political") and the following seven documents (including those contained in sections 7.07 and 7.08, respectively), as well as the instant pages. Section (b), "Control Acquired," recounts the process by which the Nazis, following Hitler's accession to the Chancellorship, secured their hold on power by subverting the Weimer Constitution, outlawing all political opposition and providing for the terrorizing and punishment of all critics, and legislating the terms and conditions by which the Nazi Party became coterminous with the German State. This document is a typewritten copy.
Keywords Weimer Constitution; Reichstag fire; National Socialist German Worker's Party; Reich Cabinet; SA; SS; Reichs Chancellor; NSDAP